From the for you page of Tik Tok to almost every speaker bumping it around the globe the latest studio album release from The Weeknd After Hours had everyone in their feels with his haunting seductive voice that you play the entire album from start to finish, and social media’s latest trending song’s Blinding Lights is about to get a whole lot brighter.
Yellow Claw just released their remix of Blinding Lights and it’s making The Weeknd and ravers fall in love with this bop in a whole new light. From the euphoric build-ups and drops to Yellow Claw’s classic trap vibes that make any listener feel waves of emotion within their soul. This is a remix people will be pressing the repeat button on. Major Lazer and many other artists have already created their own reworks of “Blinding Lights” which are incredible as well but Yellow Claw’s remix right is where it’s at!

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