Marshmello is one of many DJs no longer playing Kaos Nightclub in Vegas. Despite the helmeted producer only being a quarter of the way into his contract, the club is offering him a payout to cancel the rest of his gigs.

Not connected to the deal, James Sammataro, a Miami-based attorney at Pryor Cashman and co-chair of the firm’s media and entertainment practice group, told that, given that Marshmello “signed with The Palms amidst a bidding war with the Wynn, his contract presumably contains a handsome parting gift.”

Sources tell the Las Vegas Review Journal that Marshmello will receive up to $30 million in payments as part of his cancellation agreement. Though it will come out to less than his typical rate of $600k a weekend, it is a significant sum of breakup money nonetheless. This is only one of the few cancellations at Kaos, and it raises questions on the state of Dance Music residencies on the strip. “At some point, there had to be a ceiling on the highest-paying residencies, as the price tags had been inching up steadily until Marshmello’s industry-rattling deal,” Sammataro says. “We’ll see if this exit is an outlier, or if it will mark a downtrend in what is a cyclical business.”

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