After everybody wore out Work(we know you did, admit it), the masses took in the rest of Rihanna’s album and may have stumbled upon Anti’s final track “Sex With Me.” His slow-ish jam was given a fresh coat of dancefloor-neon paint by one of Dance Music’s finest, Mark Kinchen.

Adding his unique combo of drums and buoyant synths, MK speeds the anthem up and helps. Ring some of that dirty energy from the original into a dark(or sunny) club environment. We have a good feeling this is going to be hitting some sun-soaked parties on beaches and dayclubs to come. For now, bump it on Your streaming engine of choice and imagine those things happening. If you’re lucky enough to have MK in your town sooner than later (Santa Barbara with Shiba San on March 9, anyone?) you can get tickets for a set of his here.

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