Opening day of the 10th annual Movement Festival in Detroit has come to close with a huge bang by the many of Detroit’s Architets of Techno. Over 40 DJs/artists and six stages showcased their best skills and productions behind the decks that crafted and amazed unique audio-visual experiences for all in attendance. One could easily feel Detroit’s vibrant techno culture that radiated throughout the whole festival and extended into the downtown’s nightlife.

Carl Craig, a heralded techno native, hosted Thump’s Made in Detroit stage with his Detroit Love showcase that celebrated the roots of city’s musical roots with honorable performances by Carl Craig himself, Matthew Dear, Paul Woolford, and many others. Another group of pioneer producers and artists, Interdimensional Transmissions, took control of Opportunity Detroit to showcase the their own sounds of techno, disco, and various musical influences. Two huge groups of Detroit’s finest at their own showcases that gave Movement attendees many options to explore the undying sounds of the city’s created genre.

Four other stages expanded Movement’s 10-year festival experience with a historic performance by legendary electronic music group, Kraftwerk, and another duo of Detroit pioneers Juan Atkins and Moritz Von Oswald present: Borderlands at the Movement Main Stage. BBC Radio Essential Mix of the Year winner Caribou, and legend of the underground sound, Four Tet, closed out Red Bull Music Academy’s Stage.

Outside of the Movement, we explored the city with San Francisco’s Dirtybird crew via a downtown scavenger hunt, where we sampled the city’s must-try eats and drinks and realized the city is not what it seems as it is portrayed in the mass media.

Yesterday was truly an experience to awe at and guess what there’s still two more days to go!


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