Pasquale Rotella gave a slight hint to some big changes coming for Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas 2018 in an Instagram livestream from the Las Vegas festival’s subsequent weekender, Electric Forrest. Though the exact change was unclear, clues leading to a second weekend, change of venue and different dates have been hot topics on the subject. The Las Vegas Review Journal quotes Rotella on the potential changes in a recent article. “I’ve explored lots of date options, but no decision has been made,” addressing rumors that the event would be moved to Memorial Day weekend in 2018. “We could end up on the same date in June, but we’re exploring the possibility of moving.”

The Review Journal’s report explores the possibility of a new series of dates, pointing out the serious temperatures the festival faced this year, a factor that only makes safety a bigger concern at the festival. A remedy to the situation would be moving the festival to a weekend that is cooler; Memorial Day Weekend has been tossed around as an option, with an extra day of rest on the holiday ideal for those who may need to adjust their sleep schedules. 

This quote may only be one piece of the news; stay tuned for an official address from Pasquale concerning these changes on

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