Insomniac’s 21st EDC has come to a close with another year, yet there might be some changes on the way.

This is the first year that EDC did not sell out. Reportedly, production was smaller yet still faced issues like traffic, shuttles, and heat (but Insomniac can’t control the weather so we really can’t blame them for that). During an Instagram live stream, Pasquale Rotella was seen commenting, telling fans he’s writing about his thoughts on EDCLV and the big changes he has planned for the massive festival.

One big issue people had was EDC monopolizing the shuttle services by banning outside companies, resulting in the longest shuttle wait times ever. Multiple changes could occur for EDC Vegas. They could extend it to two weekends to cap each weekend at a certain capacity to level out traffic, crowds, lines, and easier access to the medical team. Another possibility is even relocating the event to a camping venue.

With all the hypothetical situations, Pasquale will be informing us on changes real soon.

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  1. mike ahuja

    i want to go with new month for 100 alex. or another area in vegas ….lots of land in nevada remember that….even a huge lake or two as well……

  2. Indica

    The fireworks weren’t as amazing this year. I tried to get pucs w them and they were over b4 i could.

  3. Carolina

    Our first edc & not amused! EDC is not organized AT ALL NOR ARE THEY PREPARED and apparen’t to me they don’t care about their fellow headliners. Me and my boyfriend attended this year and enjoyed ourselves the first night, we stayed until the very end 5:30am walked to the shuttles ONLY TO WAIT 4 AND A HALF HOURS to actually enter a bus. I am not being dramatic or overexaggerating if you were one of the unlucky ones to get caught in that mess you know what I’m talking about. We waited in the hot heat only walking 2 steps each 30 minutes. Everyone waiting was truly upset. I hope edc organizers fix their shuttle situation we chose the shuttles due to the fact that the stated they had an exclusive acess to the road but honestly it was not a pleasant situation I hope no one goes through what we did on that wait!

  4. Susan

    In the business sence, people are over the tragic issues, paying hundreds of dollars to sit in traffic, in the horrible heat. If you have it in the early spring or early winter the turnout will be massive. Remember, you also don’t want to have it in a camp venue that has water like a lake, to many intoxicated people.

  5. rhiana

    Camping would be terrible in that heat! Making it two weekends would kind of water it down in a bad way. I love all the people being there, it’s what makes it what it is! The only thing wrong with EDC is the inevitable Vegas heat and that shuttle situation.. Will not be taking shuttles next year because i would rather sit 3 hours in a car with AC and music as opposed to waiting outside in the blistering heat with people passing out in the line. And that is both to and from the speedway. More shuttles! and for the way back, make the shuttles come to US! we had to walk like 15 minutes all the way to where the first shuttle was after 12 hours of dancing. That was so uncomfortable. And please, check shuttle passes on the way back! They only did that the last day and i think that weeded out a lot of the people who didnt pay for a shuttle pass!


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