Quite frankly, nobody has been able to out-service Pasquale Rotella on today’s internet climate; in addition to the constant interactions on twitter to answer questions from loyal Insomniac fans, the company’s CEO also takes to the internet to announce info on the direction of his shows. Some big highlights from his 2017 address include the absence of EDCNY, the addition of a brand new stage at EDCLV, the inclusion of a Circuit grounds right by the beach at EDC Japan. There are plenty of other things to be excited for, and they can all be found below. Read the official statement from Pasquale Rotella here.

1. Every single stage at Countdown NYE will be hosted outside

2. Beyond Wonderland 2017 will return to the NOS Events Center

3. Dreamstate & Bassrush will have their own dedicated stages at Beyond Wonderland 2017

4. Insomniac are building a new outdoor structure for Bassrush at Beyond 2017

5. EDC Japan will finally make it’s debut Spring 2017 at a beachside venue

6. EDC will not return to New York next year

7. EDC Las Vegas will introduce a brand new stage

8. Nocturnal Wonderland will remain a premier camping festival in SoCal, but will move to a different weekend in 2017

9. 2017 will bring more Basscon dedicated shows

10. New Insomniac merchandise coming

11. New podcast called #WideAwakeStories

12. Middlelands Festival will be 100% different than any event made by insomniac

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