The threat of terror in Las Vegas is a real thing, proven by terrorist media naming the city as a potential target for an attack. With the violent events happening in the U.K., understandable concern has risen in regards to what may happen next weekend at EDC.

Hearing your concerns, Insomniac CEO Pasquale Rotella released a statement on safety measures that will be taking place at the event, detailing all of the measures taken to ensure everyone’s safety. He asks all of the festival’s “headliners” to do the following:

Report suspicious activity, packages, persons or vehicles to either festival staff, security or local law enforcement. We have the support of some of the finest police, fire and medical personnel in the world, along with various other government agencies, and by working together we will provide a safe and magical environment for all.

Please be prepared to show your wristband at multiple locations throughout the parking lots and festival grounds, and we appreciate your patience during bag checks and pat-downs at all security checkpoints.

Safety starts with all of us, especially by making sure you look at the list of accepted and not accepted items on the EDC official website.

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