A new drug in the UK has been related to hospitalizations in the area. A square shaped ecstasy pill with the now famous Snapchat ghost on it was taken by several children as young as 12, who purchased the pill because of the low price of 5 pounds that it was offered at. There are three different accounts of children in Cumbria who were hospitalized immediately after taking the pill thinking it would be MDMA. Two teenage girls, both aged 14 and from west Cumbria, ended up in hospital after taking the drug, believed to be ecstasy/MDMA.

Officers have warned that due to past incidents and nebulous nature of the drug content, the pills could be fatal. Cumbria Constabulary say they are currently working to identify where is selling these drugs and who is selling them. Anyone who may have more information is urged to reach out through Crimestoppers at 0800 555 111. Officers stress that parents can report information anonymously if they feel more comfortable.


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