Going to a Speedway for actual races may be foreign to many of us, but the news we just got from twitter user @SwankyAssBrian’s trip to Autoclub 400 made us think that adopting this hobby may not be a bad idea. A picture he tweeted us (@GlobalDanceElec for those wanting to follow our account) clearly shows HARD Summer’s dates for the year: Saturday, August 5th and Sunday, August 6th are both days you should pencil in. Destructo (Gary Richards) was also at the Speedway for the Autoclub 400 as he posted a video of the races, so that was another dead giveaway.

HARD Summer took place at this same venue last year, with multiple stages to host its radically diverse and balanced lineup. This would be the tenth anniversary of the brand, so expect something huge to come for this year’s extravaganza. We just hope HARD learned from last years B.S. and deliver one incredible festival for the summer. SoCal needs it!

Editors Note: Boys Noize’s ‘Oi Oi Oi’, Chromeo’s ‘Fancy Footwork’, Calvin Harris’ ‘I Created Disco’, Bassnectar’s ‘Underground Communication’, (catches breath), The Chemical Brothers’ ‘We Are The Night’, and Justice’s ‘Cross †’ album all turn 10 this year so we sure hope they have something special for all of us cause what’s a HARD event without those names? Just saying…

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