A celebration of Lost American finally returning stateside after nearly 20 years abroad comes with the release of ‘Robot Spark’ (Rauch von König Remix). The remix comes from Chris Kelley and DJ Stash Konig. It’s a lightly, colorful indie-dance track that will have you dancing all night long in your room while Covid passes. The vibe has an almost nostalgic disco feel with a contemporary touch of electronic music production. Vibrant and thumping basslines carried by the sound Kelley’s voice will send you into an endless eustasy.

“I’m calling it Southern Gothic electronic: a modern take on what triggers passions in the deep South.”- Lost American

Chris Kelley’s project Lost American is almost a homage to his journey in the real world. He left the states after 9/11 and has been living abroad in Spain and various parts of Europe to see how his home is often view from an outsider’s lens. His Lost American project came to fruiting while living in Spain in 2015, where he began to play shows and attract a keen following of his style of live electronica and indie dance. Now, after almost 20 years, Kelley returns to the United States to be closer with his family and reconnect with them and long lost childhood friends. Rest assure he will be making more music in a place where it all began for him: Nashville, Tennessee.

Check out Robot Spark down below!

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