Daft Punk is such a household name because of the way they created version 1.0 of the Audiovisual experience you get at nearly every single Dance Music festival to this day. Since smartphones weren’t as smart in 2007, we never saw a full decent-quality video of the set the week after as we do with so many festival sets today…but since Daft Punk’s fanbase is so full of dedicated people, today sees the release of a courageous project by YouTube user Xero Foxx. This user took the time to reconstruct the show with separate clips and enhance the whole thing into HD (or as high quality as possible). The audio version of the tour has been available for quite a while, but this video helps demonstrate the quality of the original megastructure. One can only hope something more extensive is coming from the robot duo, but it’s easier to just assume they’ll be at the next 5 Coachellas in a row.

Check the full video below.


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