Restless Mosaic dives into an experimental 10-track album, ‘There’s Much Left To Explore’. Building on the Windows 95 pinball game Loony Labyrinth, ‘Game Over’ sign, Restless Mosaic blends genres you wouldn’t expect to get mixed together, odd time signatures, and all sorts chords. ‘Swelter’ opens the audio journey with a tune almost similar to what you’d expect an Windows 95 pinball game to begin with. A door opening into the depths of mystery and unknown. Throughout the album you’ll get in touch with bold and obscure soundscapes and design such as the ambient tracks, ‘There’s Much Left To Explore’, and ‘You Only Want Rain Because You’re On Fire’. ‘Tiles on the Tiles’, a playful phrase on mosaics, gives listeners some crunchy characteristics akin to house and techno.

“Mosaics are colorful and intricate and expressive, but they’re also fixed to where they are. If you were a mosaic, you’d be restless – wanting to get up and find colors like yours. There’s Much Left to Explore captures that feeling, a vital one as a pandemic has grayed the world and left many feeling trapped. It’s about finding horizons and seeing what’s around the next corner. It’s about feeling freedom for the first time. It is made possible by lockdown while being lockdown’s natural predator.”

Restless Mosaic is the brainchild of Brandon Isleib. Baseball columnist, book author, lawyer, and music-maker, Isleib has worn many hats throughout his days. The ongoing lockdowns due to Covid19 and his unique conversations with Grammy Award-winning producer BT, Christian Burns, and LYRE planted the seeds of motivation to curate what is now ‘There’s Much Left To Explore’.

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