Burning Man has been heralded as a transformational Mecca, where anything can go so long as you abide by the rules and principles that unify create this most peculiar human gathering. Whether you’re just there to soak up the effervescent rays radiating from the collective burner vibes, trying to start anew and find yourself, or reconnect with those you only get to see once a year yet still consider them family, Burning Man was created and grew because it was always considered a place of belonging and acceptance. This unfortunately did not turn out to be the case for one of the larger camps at the Burn.


Taking to social media as outcry for their misfortune, the camp known as White Ocean seem to have sabotaged after a night out enjoying the Playa only to return to what can be described as utter turmoil when they returned to their camp. Founded in 2013, White Ocean was created by friends from all over the globe to connect and create an experience for all burners new and old to enjoy. Those set to perform at White Ocean this year included Jamie Jones, Luca Bacchetti, and many others.

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  1. bart

    “My gift to the playa is my awesomeness”.
    Gosh never saw kickback from that mindset coming…


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