Consistency is one of several traits that Melbourne producer Marcus Santoro has at his disposal, and it shines through once again in his latest single on Enhanced “Best of Me.” Santoro’s catalog contains a load of edgy instrumentals, but this release sees him tackle a vocal anthem with the help of Roan Shenoyy, a producer from Bangalore and a good friend of Santoro. “The idea for ‘Best Of Me’ started at the end of 2017 whilst I was still studying at Point Blank Music School,” Shenoyy says. “After working on it for some time I felt it was something special. Marcus and I have been friends for over 7 years now, he’s one of my really close friends in the industry and also a mentor to me. I sent it to him for feedback, and he loved the idea and wanted to work on it. The rest is history!”

Concocting a fresh take on a formula that’s hard to tackle, the track showcases the best in both artists’ talents. Shenoyy and Santoro employ synths and drum patterns that can easilty liven up a set. The vocals add new color to the abundant pallette of Dance music singers. Santoro reflects on the completion of such an ambitious project: “‘Best Of Me’ is by far one of the most mature records I’ve written to date, and one of my most emotional ones too. Roan and I spent a solid year on this one, trying to nail the music and the feeling, and with the help of a beautiful vocal we’ve done exactly that!”

You can check the track out now on Spotify and follow both artists while you’re at it!

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