We’ve had some breathtaking backdrops to watch DJ sets since the pandemic started. We have seen the desert, rooftops, parks, and more. While we all miss live shows, this creative outlet has been a pretty cool one to witness.  This weekend is no exception, thanks to another Insomniac production.

Seven Lions is teaming up with Gem & Tauri to give us a two-hour set this weekend on August 15th. The location? None other than The Gorge. The Gorge is one of the most well-known and beautiful venues in the country, located up in Washington State. It’s home to not only festivals that many of us have been to, but also to shows.

It sucks that the COVID-19 pandemic has taken from us the ability to go to theses things in person, but we sure cannot wait to be transported virtually back there for this Seven Lions and Gem & Tauri tag team. The set will be airing this Saturday, August 15th, at 6pm PST. You can access it by going to Insomniac’s live stream website, tv.insomniac.com.

The announcement tweet said to, “Get ready to cry, dance, and headbang!” We are definitely ready.


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