Houston-based producer, Paul Cox, has been producing electronic music since 1999, but has just recently released his first work under his IDM/electronica moniker, Reflexson. He also owns and operates 226 Recordings, which is backing Reflexson’s EP release, ‘It’s Broken’. Five specially crafted tracks take form, as Reflexson masters the a few more songs that will eventually become an ‘It’s Broken’ LP due out in 2018.

‘Shattered’ is Reflexson’s first tune out of the EP that offers a steady, progressive introduction to the true nature of what to expect. Distorted, growling synths coupled with an intense bassline, provides a steady cadence to get you ready for the rest of the EP.  ‘Hammered Down’ is a personal favorite, a bubbly, trip-hop like production that sets probably the most upbeat tune in the EP. What sounds like something out of a movie score, ‘Frame Break’ closes out the EP with production elements that give off an existential feel. Voice samples echo throughout the sample supplemented by a melancholy melody.

Reflexson’s ‘It’s Broken’ EP is now available to stream on his Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and Spotify.

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