STOP FREAKING THE F*CK OUT! Yes, Spotify is down and the tech guys are looking into a system-wide outage right now. You may be unable to play music, browse, or sign in to your account for Spotify or their website. The issue is also affecting other Spotify devices and apps as well. *sigh* Like, come on Spotify? How else am I supposed to listen to my Gangsta Rap playlist while at work?

Fortunately, Spotify’s support Twitter account says they’re aware of the problem and working on a fix. Hopefully, that’ll be pushed out before your evening dance party starts, but that doesn’t do the tail end of your workday any good. Let us know in the comments, or Tweet us @GlobalDanceElec, if you’re having trouble and to what degree — are you one of the lucky ones who can still browse and play things from your saved albums and songs, or are you totally shut out right now?

We’ll let you know when it’s back up. Till then, everyone on the internet is literally going nuts and the outage struck people who just didn’t need this sh*t right now. Check out the hilarious tweets below.

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