For Headhunterz, it’s time to make a change from what he believes to be shallow dance music at the moment. In his regular video address to his fans, he stated the following:

“I’m going to be blunt about something. I don’t like EDM, or big room house, or whatever you want to call it, in its current from. It’s simply too shallow for me. As far as house music goes, I almost only play my own tracks when I perform. I started making progressive house because I felt that it was the closest step for me to translate my sound to something a bit slower and softer, because that was something I was desiring.

I had fun with it for a while, but I know I have to start looking further. Because my soul is aching to be filled with the bliss I feel when making music that comes from within.”

Where he’ll go, nobody knows. His heartfelt address to the Hardstyle community gives that base hope that he’ll return, but he has just as likely a chance to take a detour into uncharted territory.

Check the full video below:

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