This ain’t Daft Punk at Coachella days, guys.

Numerous “clues” and “sources” and “faded signs” seem to point to a possible reunion for the three avengers Axwell, Ingrosso, and Steve Angelo to unite as their only Super identity, Swedish House Mafia. Amy Thompson, their longtime manager of the group, maintain that they are not…as do Axwell and Ingrosso themselves:

“At this point, we’re not planning on reuniting and we have really no further comments on what the future for SHM looks like,” Axwell & Ingrosso told Billboard in a July statement.

It is still very early to even have a reunion, and many who attended their One Last Tour continuously made jokes that they would try to reunite about this soon for the money. Ultra Music Festival’s lineup has announced it’s Phase I artists including Justice, The Prodigy, and Underworld as well as Axwell ^ Ingrosso. It’s not too likely that that two DJ setup is going to welcome a third at this point.

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