Two singles off their forthcoming album, Iconiq, are here to bless the dance floor and gear up the excitement for the album release. With nearly 3 decades of experience under his belt, legendary underground dance music producer Carl Nicholson is here with a 4 piece dance music band, Synthsonic. Together the group is crossing genre boundaries and curating a sound that brings on feelings of nostalgia, while giving contemporary feels that will span across listeners’ age.

Undone brings a melancholic tone to the ears as the song’s message wrestles with themes of toxic relationships, which is depicted from the woman’s perspective in the lyrics and video. Losing her own wellbeing for the sake of the relationship that is only consuming her body and sanity.

Resurrection is heavier play that brings on a thumping trance feel good sensation. The anthem was curated around the isolation and lockdown billions endured across the globe. It’s angsty, it’s energetic and now a pulsing feeling of hope as we enter into phases of an endemic. It’s an anthem you’ll want to dance off those post-pandemic feels too.

Check out Undone/Resurrection down below!

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