When Night Owl Radio revealed the EDC lineup for this year, they capitalized on the element of surprize and the excitement of discovery to have people talking about the lineup more actively than if they just saw a giant list you’d need to zoom in to see. Even though the excitement calmed from the big reveal, the seven mixes of EDC stages still serve a powerful purpose: discovering new acts to check out at the show.

If you already know all 215 artists playing, congratulations. For the other 399,432 of us, these mixes compressed in a short 31 minutes are an amazing way to catch an artist you may have never realized you wanted to hear more of. As a replacement to the daunting task of hearing a 5 minute song of all 150-175 people you may want to check out, your mission to branch out is much easier with these three easy steps:

Be ready to screenshot on your phone(or watch)…a lot.


Make sure you’re open to hearing new sounds you may love, but also have those fingers at the ready to capture the timestamps of said songs to remember what instantly caught your ear.

When all screenshots are gathered, reference the charts provided.


The Night Owl Radio page has made the timestamps of their clever megamix readily available for you to reference and fnd that artist’s respective social media pages.

(Upside Down Room, Stage 7, Neon Garden, Wasteland, Bass Pod, Cosmic Meadow, Circuit Grounds, Kinetic Field)

Expand your knowledge.


From that 5 second soundbyte, it’s time to get an idea of the productions an artist has in store. Be sure to visit an artist’s Facebook as well to see what friends like the artist and can reccommend the best music and mixes for you.

Using these mixes to their fullest potential is the best way to get the musical expereince you desire, and it will make for quite the road trip both to Vegas and to the sacred Speedway. We’ll be sharing some of our favorite discoveries and artists you should definitely catch in the coming days. Happy exploring!


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