For whatever the reason may be, Skrillex fell off the festival circuit over the last few years as he’s been busy producing countless records for some of the industry’s top music talent in Pop, R&B, and Hip-Hop, so any appearance Sonny makes at an event has truly become special. The only festival sets he has done in 2018 have been Fuji Rock festival in Japan, Form 2018 in Arizona, and most recently announced Snowta in Minneapolis for a special NYE countdown performance. But don’t sweat it, Skrillex is adding one more festival appearance as Global Dance (not to be confused with GDE) and Relentless Beats have announced Skrillex as one of their main headliners at Decadence Arizona 2018 at the Rawhide Event Center. By the looks of it, he’ll be playing on Sunday, December 30th.

The Porter Robinson announcement is exciting as well, as Porter has been concentrating on his Virtual Self project for almost a year now and rarely playing a DJ Set. Porter’s DJ sets are absolutely incredible as he throws down while still bringing all the feels with his euphoric tracks. Rounding out the three is the legendary Eric Prydz who will be bringing his absolutely insane progressive house and techno tracks to the stage and will definitely be an artist not to miss at Decadence AZ.

So join thousands of ravers to see Skrillex, Porter Robinson, and Eric Prydz at Decadence Arizona 2018. Tickets On Sale Tomorrow at 10am


Which songs do YOU want to hear Skrillex play live at Decadence Arizona 2018?

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  1. Kitty Rivera

    I REALLY WANNA HEAR HIM PLAY ‘CINEMA’ (his original mix), ‘THE ISLAND PT 1’, and of course — ‘MAKE IT BUM DEM’ OMG!!!!!!!! I’m so hype, him going is the main reason I’d really, absolutely love to go to Decadence! I’ve been awaiting his return into the scene for Y E A R S my friends. 🙏🏼

  2. Joel Alley

    First of the Year! ***and note to editor – I think you meant Decadence the 30th.

    • crystal

      Yes! First of the Year; My son introduced me to Skrillex years ago, and this is the song that got me hooked.

  3. Angel Mendez

    Which songs do I want skrillex to play?? ALL OF THEM! the limit does not exist!

  4. Eric Nguyen

    Oh man, skrillex is my all time favorite. I have not seen him yet, but he is what got me all started in this scene!

    Dirty Vibe and Ease My Mind!!!

    Kill it skrillex! Can’t wait to see you for the first time! Hopefully I get to hear these songs!

  5. Dane Banning

    I would love to hear him play his new Island remix by Pendelum! Or anything 2009/10!
    Also, there’s a typo in this post, he’s playing the 30th not the 20th!☺️✌🏼

  6. Mia Simmons

    My fiance’ and I are new to Arizona, and we heard great things about Decadence! Would love to win tickets to our first show in Arizona!

  7. Paige Ingles

    I want Daddy Skrillex to play Cinema and Bangarang, but also some new new stuff like The Island Pt. 1 !!!

  8. Janel

    DEFINITELY wannna hear Bangarang!!! Reasons!! And Rock n’ Roll !!! PLEASE 😭💜

  9. Cynthia Jarrett

    Kyoto, fuck that, rock ‘n roll, break’n a sweat… theres so many!!!

  10. Flo

    AGEN WIDA by Skrillex & Joyryde (and also Bangarang and Kyoto)!!! Best way to spend celebrating the NY IMO

  11. Leah

    omg so excited to see Skrillex kill it! I hope to see him play take u there, weekends and fuck that!!!

  12. Jasmin Gutierrez

    I’ve listened to Skrillex since I was young! I’d want to hear him play Bangarang, Cinema, and the new new with joyryde <3

  13. Rayanna Galvan

    I wanna hear Summit! Also Bangarang!!! Ahh and anything new honestly! Skrillex is the man!!! 😍💋

  14. Nicole Felt

    I’m gonna be in Chandler for NYE and have to see Skrillex! I wanna hear Bangarang, Wild for the Night and his new remix to Sicko Mode!! Dying to go

  15. Jessica Thompson

    His remix to ‘Levels’ by Avicii – RIP MY MAN <3
    Promises !!!!

    Got punched in the face last time I saw Dogblood
    would kill do it again!!!!

  16. Melissa Hanson

    Scary monsters and nice sprites!! I have been listening to skrillex since his from first to last days and he alone opened my eyes to EDM and I cannot even believe he will be in arizona what is the chance I move here from Wisconsin and hes gonna be an hour away!!! I hope I can go! Gonna have to pay rent late if I dont win

  17. Kim

    Would you ever (skrillex & poo bear), the Korn remixes he did, a from first to last song or two or set would always be my dream…:) and if he could get Bieber to come perform the jack u song where are you now. And “working for it.” (Skrillex Zhu & THEY)

    • Maggie

      Sicko modee!!!! So gooddd i like it better than the original lol!! i gotta win this timeee

  18. Maggie

    Sicko Mode Remix!!!!! So good cant stop playing it!! I was at decadence 2 yrs agooo! hope I can make it this year again!


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