Travis Scott is issuing a “general denial” in response to 11 lawsuits against him due to the fallout at his Astroworld Festival. So far, more than 2o0 cases have been filed for various degrees of liability. The allegations are largely for negligence due to the inaction during his set. He has signaled that he plans to deny liability and ask to be dismissed from all other cases. In other words, Travis is making clear that the deaths and injuries are not his responsibility, and he’s asking the judge to toss the suit against him and his entities.

850 people are represented from the deadly crowd rush at the event, several of whom suffered a range of bodily injuries and emotional harm from having to step over dead bodies. Of the several attorneys representing the clients, civil rights attorney Ben Crump is one of the most prominent. “This lawsuit is not just about getting justice for them,” Crump told the Hill. “But it’s about making sure the promoters and the organizers know that you cannot allow this to ever happen in the future, even if you have to immediately stop the concert.”

According to a Billboard report last week, over 250 lawsuits have been filed against Scott, Live Nation and other defendants affiliated with the mass casualty at Astroworld Festival on Nov. 5. To date, the cases represent over 850 people. The total damages have reached an excess of $3 billion. The complaints accuse Travis, Live Nation and other parties of gross negligence by allegedly creating an environment that incited thousands of people to surge near the stage, which crushed festival-goers in front.


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