Seems like not all things were peachy at Coachella this past weekend.

According to an article written in L.A Weekly, the Indio Police Department responded to a stabbing situation. It occurred on Sunday when a brawl broke out around the security check-in area where a verbal confrontation escalated into a physical fight.

As a result, two men were stabbed – one stabbed in the stomach and another in the face. Luckily both men have been released and are in good condition.

“The initial investigation uncovered that there was a verbal dispute between two different groups of individuals employed by the same security vendor working at the festival that escalated into a physical altercation,” Indio police stated.

This alteration is just one of the many issues Coachella had to deal with this past week, including numerous reports of coordinated theft attempts made by individuals both backstage and in the crowd of the sold out music festival.

We can only hope security will be tighter and safer for the festival next year.


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