COVID-19 has shaped the music scene for months to come, with the UK preparing a whole venue that adheres to Social distancing. The Virgin Money Unity Arena’s will host shows thrown by SSD concerts, with lineups coming out today. “We can’t be without music during these times so our only thought has been how can we bring music back to the British public safely and responsibly,” says SSC managing Director Steve Davis. “We have been hosting loads of live sessions and DJ sets across our social media, supporting local artists, and raising money for the NHS. Now, we’re taking it one step further as the UK slowly comes out of Lockdown.”

The concerts will put attendees in viewing areas that are two meters armor, with pre-ordered drinks and one-way toilet access. A few “car raves” have already taken place here in the United States in Arizona and Texas with great success as they have sold out ahead of the event. Drezo, who recently played said car rave with Seven Lions, announced he tested positive for COVID. No clue if he got there or before the event, but looks like he’s been recovering well.

Please continue to social distance yourself, always wear your mask in public, and constantly wash your hands!


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