The social platform Vine suffered a cruel demise at the dawn of 2017 when its owner Twitter shut it down. The six-second-max format became a haven for bizarre performances that birthed a new culture with its own cadre of viral stars. Vine’s closure veritably smothered a unique and unprecedented community that migrated to Instagram and YouTube with scattered success, but its absence has been mourned. But perhaps it’s not too late. Today, Vine’s co-founder Dom Hofmann tweeted a simple logo ‘V2’ in the platform’s signature type and color. Perhaps Vine will return.

It’s pretty unclear how solvent a potential Vine 2.0 is. Hofmann tweeted a week ago that he is ‘going to work on a follow-up to vine’ and that he’s funding it himself as an ‘outside project’ to keep it from interfering with other work at his current company Interspace. Hofmann tweeted that he would share more as the project develops.

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