More than a year ago, in the midst of when we needed hope the most, Zhu let us know about his new album, LP3. The formal announcement came before the pandemic did, and with COVID-19, things got delayed, to say the least. While we knew we would get an album eventually, we had no idea when that was.

Now, we have some tidbits and clues. At the end of this week for new music Friday, we are getting “Sky is Crying,” a collaboration with YUNA. We are excited to see how this singer-songwriter’s sounds combine with Zhu’s.

In looking forward to that, a Reddit user caught another possible hint. They noticed that LP3 was now in Zhu’s mercy store. There’s no date attached to when the album will be released – it only says, “Coming soon.” But there is something else interesting about the album there – the price. The price is noted at a wildly high $430.21. That isn’t your typical album price. It could be written off as a fluke or something else until you realize it could very well be a date – April 30, 2021, or 4/30/21.

Does this mean we have a little more than a month until we get to hear this album? We don’t have any confirmation, but this seems to be a very likely case. Stay tuned!

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