Imagine a restaurant called “Obama Fried Chicken” opened in The middle of New York City…you don’t have to, because it really happened. People all over the world end up naming their establishments after famous figures, whether they know it or not. Though Kaskade doesn’t have the reputation of a known world leader, the grand opening of a recreational dispensary in his name makes us raise an eyebrow. Worse still, a picture in front of the collective at its address on Olympic Boulevard is…well…

The logo, seen on album covers and posters alike, is a pretty dead giveaway that the dispensary owner either somehow IS Kaskade, someone who wants his likeness to be associated with the Producer, or someone who wants to prank an unsuspecting entrepreneur. Regardless of the impending legal fight that may ensure, people seem to love the business on Yelp.

“Other shops got nice looking girls, but this place got beautiful girls,” raves Vincent N. “Got me staying longer than I wanted. They also have A/C!!!”

No word from Kaskade himself about this weed shop using his name and logo but we’ll be sure to hear something soon.

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