We’ve all had that one set that we missed out on that haunts us. We either weren’t at the festival or it conflicted with another set that was too good to pass up. Most times if the festival doesn’t upload the set somewhere then were stuck watching grainy YouTube videos hoping to piece it together. Sometimes, however, we are reminded that not all heroes wear capes, they wear GoPros or some other high definition camera. Today, YouTube user Erick Ornelas is our festival superhero for his upload of Porter Robinson’s HARD Summer 2016 set. The video which is taken from what appears to be the center of the crowd is top quality and really positions you to receive all the feels as any Porter show does. The visuals really get to take full effect and arguably is a better view than some people in the crowd have. If you missed out on Porter Robinson at HSMF, then you’ll definitely be thankful for this epic video.

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